Revolution | Joey & Rachel

Joey’s six hour nap on the flight home managed to balance out his lack of sleep the night before, and luckily jetlag hadn’t managed to creep up on him yet. Though he had originally planned on going out with Eli and Wes, spending time alone seemed to be the more appealing option. The buddy he had convinced to give Rachel a job had sold the club, giving it to a new owner Joey still hadn’t met. That seemed like another plus, one less person to catch onto his grieving, and Joey had already dealt with Rachel once that day and told her he was not going to talk about anything. His taxi came to a halt in front of the club, people already lining up outside. Joey walked straight to the bouncer who immediately recognized him and let him through, not even bothering to check his ID. Music pulsed through his body as soon as he step foot inside, sweat so abundant he could almost feel it against his skin. From a distance he spotted Rachel talking to someone who seemed like another worker. He made his way over to her and gave her a small wave, before sitting down on the barstool beside her. “Just couldn’t stay away,” he said, giving her a half-hearted smile. “What have you got?” 

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